This tour is designed for nature lovers who want to enjoy the benefits of nature and especially the exotic flavors of coffee.
A more in-depth experience for true Coffee Lovers. This extension of our classic CoffeeTour includes expert advice on preparing the perfect coffee-based beverages.

On this tour you will

Visit a coffee nursery
Tour our sustainable coffee farm
Follow your nose to our coffee-roasting plant
Experience a professional coffee-tasting session, known as “cupping.”
Learn about coffee’s important role in Costa Rica’s history and culture.
Learn from our experts how to prepare perfect, gourmet coffee-based beverages.


Enjoy the first part of your day with our coffee experts at the CoffeeTour. Trace the process of the coffee bean, from plantation to cup, and learn what makes coffee truly gourmet. Discover how peru’s unique micro climates and fertile soils combine to create conditions ideal for growing gourmet beans.

Conclude your tour with a visit to our factory store to sample exquisite chocolates, sweets, nuts and our great variety of gourmet coffees. You’ll find the perfect peruvian souvenir or unique craft item.

And what better way to cap off the afternoon than by learning from our experts how to prepare the very best coffee-based beverages, including the classic espresso and the frothy cappuccino, with or without layers of flavoring. Then head home and surprise your friends and family with these delicious beverage recipes and more

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August 21, 2015

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